Every Child Matters


by Maria Ferrone; Director of Government Programs Honeytree Early Learning Center

Young children hold the key to our future.  Their young minds will one day be capable of creating breakthrough technologies and amazing scientific advancements.  One day these children will possess the abilities and talents to change our world.   Those of us who work with young children are privileged and honored to play a part in the opportunity to get them started on their path to greatness.  You might be asking yourself, “How does all this “greatness” happen”?

It’s simple really.  Great teachers help create great students!  Research has shown that a teacher who is inspired and informed is one of the most important factors influencing a child’s achievement and overall success into adulthood.  Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research regarding how children learn, emerging technology that helps children and teachers, new curriculum resources, local and state initiatives, public policies, the Quality Rating and Improvement System for preschools and childcare centers, and Virginia’s Milestones of Child Development.

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"Successful third grade reading strategies do not begin in elementary school; reading proficiency is the culmination of a variety of experiences and skill building beginning in the earliest years of a child's life."

Kathy Glazer, President of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation

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