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MP900402587From the time a baby is born, a child’s brain begins learning important skills that are needed for future school success. These skills are best learned through active play experiences. Parents can help maximize early learning by choosing toys that encourage active participation and higher level thinking.

But what kinds of toys are best to help develop school readiness skills?  Smart Beginnings has great suggestions for toys that are not only fun, but will help your child be ready for school and ready for life!

  1. Value your child's questions.
    "Mommy/Daddy, why is the moon following us?" With this question, a child lets us know she is thinking about how the world works.

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Starting preschool or kindergarten is a special day for parents and children, and there's a lot you can do in the weeks before to get ready for the first day.  But try to keep your efforts low-key.  If you make too big a deal out of this milestone, your child may end up being more worried than excited. Here are some ideas from Smart Beginnings to keep the focus on fun. Here are some ideas from Zero to to keep the focus on fun.

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"Successful third grade reading strategies do not begin in elementary school; reading proficiency is the culmination of a variety of experiences and skill building beginning in the earliest years of a child's life."

Kathy Glazer, President of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation

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