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The path to success begins early in life.  pdfWhich path do we want for Roanoke's future workforce? Click here, or on image below to see the impact of school readiness programs and services.

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In today’s struggling economy all businesses are looking for opportunities that offer the greatest return on investment. Early childhood education is key to the development of a vibrant and skilled workforce, and studies have shown that every $1 you invest in early childhood education yields a ROI of between $7 and $17.

One of the most profound issues facing our community today is that many of the 20 percent of children entering kindergarten unprepared have to repeat grades which create a huge tax burden on our community. These children have an extremely difficult time being successful in school, and that difficulty extends into their working life. In 10 years, 40 percent of Virginia’s workforce will be eligible for retirement and the Smart Beginnings of Greater Roanoke Coalition is dedicated to ensuring that tomorrow’s workforce can meet the needs of your business.

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An investment today in early childhood education will return benefits to your business and the Roanoke region’s future economy. Did you know that today:

  • Low reading scores in third grade are indicators of future crime rates and one of the criteria used in estimating future prison and jail population.
  • In Virginia, 12,000 students in grades K-3 were not promoted in 2002-03. It costs taxpayers $95.7 million annually in Virginia for un-promoted children.

Smart Beginnings of Greater Roanoke is working to help every child in the Roanoke Valley enter kindergarten emotionally, socially, academically, and physically ready to succeed in school, in work, and in life. They will:

  • Provide support and information to parents and family members raising children
  • Improve the quality of early childhood programs
  • Ensure young children have access to health supports and services.

Smart Beginnings of Greater Roanoke will work to create a culture of change to address these issues. A minor investment in the program can ensure major dividends in a productive future workforce.

We need your help to continue to improve the economic outlook of our community’s workforce. I hope you’ll follow the lead of the Roanoke Times, Cox, The Business Council, and others by investing in a productive workforce.

pdfSBGR Strategic Plan 2012-2015 (Overview)  To view our entire strategic plan, please call 540.283.2786 or email.

To find out more about how you can get involved with Smart Beginnings of Greater Roanoke call 540.777.4206.

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If you are interested in making a tax deductible gift, please send a check to the United Way of Roanoke Valley, 325 Campbell Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24016. Please identify Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke in the Memo line of the check.

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"I want us to become more aware of Smart Beginnings as a community and the need for expanded Pre-K and quality childcare for the youngest children in Roanoke"

 Mayor David Bowers, State of the City speech 2011

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The United Way of Roanoke Valley serves as the fiscal agent for Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke.

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